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What is the General Topic? Methods of Getting Accurate Totals

What is the general topic?? Instructions on how to get the total number correctly raise questions from new lottery players participating in this form. Because this form constantly brings high winning rates, many people choose it. Leave it to the kubet Answer the above issue in detail.

What is the overall topic?

The general question is simply understood as which number is the special prize today, you add the last 2 numbers together. This calculation is similar to calculating 3 cards in card games. Thus, the total number includes all numbers appearing in the number range from 0 to 9.

To understand better, we give the following example: On March 3, the special prize is 9143, the number will be 43. When determining today's lottery number, you add the 2 numbers together to get a total of 4. + 3 = 7. The next day, the lottery player plays the pair 07, 70.

Tổng Đề Là Gì? Các Phương Pháp Bắt Tổng Đề Chuẩn XácFind out what the general topic is?

Instructions on how to catch the total number accurately from experts

Just share the keyword how to catch total problems on google, you will receive hundreds of results. However, choosing a method that brings a high winning rate is very difficult. The bookmaker's leading specialist will share with you some highly appreciated methods as follows:

Catch based on even – odd

Using the method of catching lottery totals according to even and odd numbers is probably too familiar to professional lottery players. Your task is to monitor the results of the special prize and add the first and last two numbers together. Calculate the prediction of odd even demand based on the numbers you just compiled.

You must know how to identify groups of numbers that fall into odd, odd even, odd even or even even numbers. From there, build a winning lotteries for the next day. Win big based on a sure method that helps you receive rewards quickly, suitable for inexperienced rookies.

What is the total number based on the results of day 2?

This method is also applied by a large number of players, giving almost accurate results with little risk. For the special prize of the second day, you take the first number to make the total number and raise it for 1 week, then create a lottery system to raise the lot.

For example, Monday, February 25, 2024 is 54399, take the number 5 at the beginning of the name as the total. Then, you create the following lottery numbers: 959, 345. The result of the third day will be 59, 45.

Tổng Đề Là Gì? Các Phương Pháp Bắt Tổng Đề Chuẩn XácFind the lucky total through the results of day 2

Yin and yang shadow method

Catching total numbers according to the yin and yang shade is guaranteed to help you get quality floating numbers for the following days. Determining the next number through comparison is as follows:

  • The numbers 1-6, 2-7, 0-5, 3-8, 4-9 are positive balls.

  • The pairs of numbers 0-7, 3-6, 5-8, 1-4, 2-9 are warm shadows.

Silver memory method

Instructions on how to catch the total number accurately from experts cannot ignore the memory method. Professional and experienced lottery players often apply this method and estimate the winning rate to be high. One strong point that everyone likes is that it is safe and easy to calculate and predict lucky numbers.

For example, the result of today's special prize has a total of 8, tomorrow the total of 4 will be huge. Please deposit money for the following pairs of fortune numbers: 04, 40, 84, 48.

Apply the results of the seventh prize

You take the second pair of numbers of prize 7 and add them to get the total. Use that pair of numbers to play consecutively for 3 days. In case your capital is not high, choose to bet on the opposite lottery number with the total number you just found.

For example, on March 3, lottery prize 7 has a total of 9, on March 4, bet on 09, 90. If the total is greater than 10, you need to continue adding and subtracting again like the total is 18, get number 07. , 70, 08, 80. .

What should you keep in mind when starting a general topic?

Tổng Đề Là Gì? Các Phương Pháp Bắt Tổng Đề Chuẩn XácNote about the problem of getting the total number

In addition to mastering the above effective ways to catch total problems, you also need to pay attention to a number of issues when applying as follows:

  • Before you start playing, determine a daily betting budget. You should not bet more than this amount no matter what method you use.

  • A calm mentality is necessary in every lottery player, in order to flexibly apply the methods of winning lottery numbers.

  • Please regularly refer to experts' ways to play lottery numbers to diversify your methods and increase your winnings.

  • The house's role plays an important part in determining success or failure. Therefore, you should go with a reputable betting address with high payout rates and transparency.


So, with the information shared by Kubet above, do you know what the overall problem is? Tổng đề kubet Super effective ways to catch total numbers. Everyone should quickly save to apply when necessary and win big. If you know any other methods, please leave them below for other players to know!